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How it all started...

November 25, 2017

Throughout school I never found a specific subject I had a passion for. I had the attention span of a toddler and nothing really interested me. So when it come to the end of secondary school and everybody seemed to know what they was doing, I panicked and decided to go to college to study Event Management. Something I had no clue about but thought it may open some doors and with a bit of luck I may become a celebrity wedding planner! After studying that for a year, I decided that was never going to happen, because I was the most unorganised and scattiest person in the class for a start. So I decided to study  travel and tourism... This is coming from a girl that thought Asia was a country! You can imagine how that one went. Surprisingly I passed though! 


But at this point I still had no idea what I wanted to do, I thought about becoming an airhostess but then the fear of flying got in the way of that one. So I decided to study at Southampton University, this time combining my knowledge. I studied Event management with tourism. University life was amazing, I lived with 9 other students and we soon become family. However, the uni lifestyle soon got in the way of my studies and I was choosing late nights and 50p shots instead of going to my 8.30am lectures. When I  went to class I felt I had no real passion to be there like the other students did, I was never getting involved and I had a huge fear of standing up in front of the class, something which we often had to do. So before I knew it I was missing lessons and falling behind.  I decided to stick with it up until the end of the year and then I left university passing  my first year. I don't have any regrets at all, I have life long friends and memories. I came away with no degree and a minus bank balance , but I gave it a go and I can never fault myself for that.



Obviously it knocked my confidence a lot though, as I walked away with so much self doubt. Why am I not as confident as the others? Why am I not as clever? What am I going to do with my life? etc, etc.  I moved back home and got a job in retail. I often worked on the No7 beauty counter and I found I really enjoyed learning about the ins and outs of makeup, but I become to despise working in retail, the hours, the pay etc



So once again I was back to square one, I hated that I didn't know what I wanted to do in life. All I knew is that I wanted to be successful but I just didn't know how and this was making me unbelievably unhappy. Around me I found all my friends were getting great jobs and were already on their career paths. I was so happy for them, but at the same time I couldn't help be envious as I had studied for what seemed a lifetime and was still working minimum wage in a job I didn't care about. 


Everyone says you find yourself when you travel, so one day I decided to book a one way ticket to Bangkok and travel south east Asia. Everyone said I would be back in a couple of weeks because, well if you know me you would know why. I think the doubt came when I was asked where I was going and I replied saying 'Asia, Bangkok and Thailand'. Yes, Good luck with that! 





But to my surprise and everyone elses I travelled Asia for 3 months and went on to Australia for 2 years. Still searching and hoping to find something I was good at or had passion for. I skydived and considered becoming a skydiving instructor, but as soon as the adrenaline passed, I soon changed my mind. Nothing was ever jumping out at me, but again I left with amazing memories and friends but still no career. 


I worked temping for a while to get my bank balance back from 0 after all the money I had spent travelling. On  my days off I never gave up on finding something I enjoyed doing. I started watching youtube videos and became addicted to learning hair up. I become self taught and started uploading photos to social media, when I then got asked to do a ladies wedding. I was thrilled and when I had finished the wedding, I couldn't believe I had just been paid for doing something I loved. From there I got more and more people contacting me. With the money I saved I decided to use it for something that can help me progress. I booked on to do Nouveau lashes and I absolutely loved it! I finally found something I felt I was good at and so I kept saving money and paying for more courses. Without realising I was working in something I loved doing and I kept progressing. Now I am a HD Brow Stylist, A Nouveau lash technician, a spray tan specialist and a hair and makeup stylist. I never want to stop learning and progressing and I will do whatever it takes to get me to the top! The skies the limit!

I can't believe for so many years I struggled to find what I wanted to do in life and then one day it just all came to me. Never lose hope or give up on your dreams, nothing is impossible! Yes I may of gone a long way about finding it but I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason! 




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